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Driving Changes in the UK

Things are changing in the world of driving and as of December 4th, 2017, DVSA has changed the way of driving tests. Undoubtedly, driving is a tremendous skill to have; while many can drive, not everyone is able to drive safely. That’s where the changes come into play and have been designed to test more realistic scenarios a new driver would face.

There are 4 core changes:

1. Independent Driving Increase
Independent driving is a segment of a driving test where the examiner will instruct the learner on where to go – now going to be 20 minutes. The learner will have to follow the guided routes, driving appropriately and safely at all times. Tip: You’re allowed to ask questions and going the wrong way does not result in failing, so don’t panic.

2. Sat Nav
As part of the independent driving, learners may be asked to follow directions from a sat nav. This will be set up by the examiner and learners are expected to follow. Tip: Again, you’re allowed to ask questions for confirmations and you will not fail for wrong turns. So long as you’ve not caused a hazard or fault.

3. Reverse Manoeuvres
Previously there were 2 reverse manoeuvres, “around the corner” and “turn-in-the-road”, both of which will no longer be instructed by the examiner. Instead, learners may be asked to perform a parallel park on the side of a road, pull up on the right-side of the road then reverse then rejoin the traffic or bay park accordingly.

4. Safety Question While Driving
Previously the examiner would have asked ‘Show me, Tell me’ questions before learners driving off. The new change results in the examiner asking these 2 questions while the learner is driving. Tip: You can find resources on the questions to expect online or ask your instructor to help you out.

These changes have come about for one reason only; assessing the safe driving capabilities of learners. The ethos our driving instructors carry are helping their students become safe drivers fast. We’ve risen to the challenge for a very long time and continue to improve our performance when delivering lessons.

Why 6S Driving School?

6S Driving School is one of many in East London, however, we’re one of the few who take genuine measures to ensure quality lessons are delivered to bring optimum effectiveness. What do we mean by that? We strive strongly to help our learners pass their driving tests first-time.

Some of our senior driving instructors have been teaching for over 15 years and take pride in having taught other driving instructors to become ADI approved. It’s fair to say we know a thing or two when it comes to driving and can offset our years of experience to our learners. That’s the very reason we can also boast our high first-time pass rate.

Whatever your driving requirement is, we can help you. Whether that’s standard driving lessons or intensive. If you’ve passed already and want to take a pass plus course or just refresher lessons. Alternatively, if you want to become an instructor, rest assured we’ve helped many some of whom teach at our school.

The areas we deliver driving lessons in are far and wide. We cover all areas within the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Dagenham & Redbridge and Newham. We have a directory of all areas we cover which you can view.

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driving lessons in east london
driving lessons in east london
driving lessons in east london
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