Automatic Driving Lessons

The production of automatic cars is only increasing, given the more user-friendly driving experience and advancing car technology making drives more efficient. It comes as no surprise that the demand for automatic driving lessons in East London is increasing in light of this ongoing trend.

While driving a car in automatic or manual offers a slight difference, the laws around passing your driving test under each differs. For drivers who obtain their driving license in the UK, having passed their test with a manual car, they’ll be legally allowed to drive an automatic car in future. However, the same doesn’t apply for a driver who obtains their driver’s license under automatic. It would be considered illegal for them to drive a manual car, therefore, they would have to stick to automatic cars only. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but certainly a factor worth considering. We would advise asking family/friends about this or even having a browse of forums to see what others have done and why.

For learners who opt for automatic driving lessons with 6S Driving School, they get dedicated driving instructors who specialise in automatic car transmission and are available throughout East London.

A question we often get asked is what is the pass rate for automatic? However, we always say there’s so many factors that go into passing a driving test, not just specific to automatic or manual. Not to mention the different test centres, the amount of drivers taking their tests at other centres, all contribute to a pass-rate which may paint a negative picture. Rather, we like to focus on our pass-rate, which sits above 90% for first-time. As a team of instructors, we’re dedicated to ensuring each of our learners get the best learning and driving experience, which will prepare them for driving independently. If our learners are successful in doing this, then the practical driving test becomes easier and almost like any other driving lesson.

6S Driving School is home to some of the most senior driving instructors in East London, readily available for your preference of driving lessons. Each individual learner is catered to independently, so you get the most out of your driving lessons and feel comfortable with your progress. We’re available and happy to answer any questions you may have about automatic driving lessons, so we welcome giving us a call or leaving a message.

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