Intensive Driving Lessons

Intensive driving lessons in East London are exactly what it’s described as. While there’s nothing additional that is taught which you would receive in regular automatic driving lessons or manual driving lessons, the pace at which lessons are conducted are almost 10x more frequent. That’s what makes the intensive lessons “intense”, the fact the learning curve is squeezed into a short amount of time.

These lessons are perfect for some while being counterproductive for others. If as a learner you prefer staggered lessons or find driving daunting, regular lessons would be the better option. However, if you’re looking to learn fast and are able to commit more time throughout the week or you require driving as part of a job, it’s the perfect option.

We always advise getting input from friends/family or even browsing online to get an understanding of intensive driving lessons. Alternatively, you can always speak to an instructor at our driving school who can ask the right questions and help you figure out if it’s the best option for you.

As mentioned previously, there is almost no difference if you were to take regular driving lessons. So the specialty of our driving instructors are still accessible if opting for intensive lessons. We do find the pass rate to remain consistent and that is primarily due to our approach to teaching learners. It’s fundamental to us that a learner is comfortable behind the wheel and understands the driving concepts, so they can make calculated and informed decisions as they’re driving – even if they’re out on the road faster than regular driving lessons.

We have a wide range of packages available with intensive plans starting from as little as 5 hours going up to 40 hours. The prices for which can be found in the pricing section of our website.

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