Driving Lesson Types

Driving Lessons

We can help you, from start to finish, on how to drive. We’re truly a unique driving school amongst many and ensure our driving lessons are of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Intensive Lessons

Intensive Driving Lessons are an amazing way to accelerate your learning of how to drive. We have a wide array of packages, all of which come with us booking you a driving test sooner.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an additional mini-course, which gets you familiar with several things not required for your test. Having this certification can reduce your driving insurance when it comes to it.

Refresher Lessons

Haven’t driven a car in a while? Refresher lessons are the perfect choice in this case. We can help you get familiar again, confident and on the road in no time.

Choosing the right lesson type

When deciding to take driving lessons, it’s important to select the best suitable one. If you’re just starting out, be it Manual or Automatic transmission, standard driving lessons are perhaps the best option – to get the most out of them, we strongly recommend bulk-booking to reduce the price per lesson.

If you’re confident and want to accelerate your learning or have driven before, then the intensive driving lessons would be ideal. Fewer lessons will be required, however, they are intensive for a reason.

Once you’ve successfully passed your driving test, Pass Plus is an optional course that can be taken. This course focuses on several areas which won’t have been given much focus during your driving lessons. Best of all, it’s only 6 hours and provides a certificate of completion.

Refresher driving lessons are ideal if you just want to get behind a wheel for a couple of lessons. Over time you may have forgotten a few driving techniques, but rest assured, we can help you get up to par again.

If you have any questions, simply reach out to us on the contact page or give us a call.

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