Manual Driving Lessons

While automatic cars are becoming more popular, there’s still a great surge in manual driving lessons in East London. It’s certainly the more practical driving transmission which requires that little bit more of attention and awareness. 

There are and have always been floating misconceptions that manual is more difficult than automatic. The clutch control of a manual car is the significant difference between an automatic car. It’s a great understanding to have as automatic cars have to function in the same way as the manual, except, the clutch control is managed for you with automatic. Nevertheless, you’ll always need to be conscious of gear changes in respect of speed, as it affects fuel consumption and stopping distances. Therefore, automatic isn’t easier – it’s only the fact that there’s less driving input required. Your driving judgement and decisions will remain the same throughout any driving journey.

One overarching benefit of taking manual lessons instead of automatic is the legal possibilities once you’ve obtained your driving license. Drivers who pass under manual practical examination will be allowed to drive an automatic car in future with no trouble, however, it wouldn’t be the same case for automatic drivers. Drivers passing under automatic practical tests will not be allowed to drive a manual car. Our advice is always to consult with friends/family or read online to see what others have done, what they’ve found works best for them and making that judgement in light of your position. We have instructors who can also help you make that decision if needed.

For learners who opt for manual driving lessons with 6S Driving School, they get dedicated driving instructors who specialise in manual car transmission and are available throughout East London.

The inevitable questions we get are around pass-rates for both manual and automatic, however, these are always about country-wide. Thankfully, as a driving school, we’re able to look at our very own results which we’ve been delivering for many years across thousands of students. We have an extremely high first-time pass rate and that’s because of our true expertise of not just driving, but learners. Each learner progresses at their own rate and digests information in a way different from others, so building rapport with our learners is key to our success. Once learners get comfortable with being behind the wheel, it’s getting comfortable on the road, and before they know it, taking their practical driving test is no different from any other driving lesson.

At 6S Driving School in East London, we’re well equipped and prepared to help manual driving learners pass their driving test with a positive and safe experience. We’re available and happy to answer any questions you may have about automatic driving lessons, so we welcome giving us a call or leaving a message.

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