Refresher Driving Lessons

There are many instances when refresher driving lessons with a driving instructor is a great option. Haven’t driven a car in an extended period of time? Don’t have the same confidence you once had behind the steering wheel? Passed your driving test in another country and want to get familiar?

Regardless of your reason, it’s always advisable to take refresher driving lessons with an instructor who can best help you re-learn to drive. While it’s an easy option to ask a friend or family member, there are many reasons to not.

One reason is insurance, as a driving school we have the absolute necessary and relevant insurance to ensure you being in the driver’s seat is 100% legal.

Another reason is equipment; our cars are specifically built to tailor driving lessons of all kinds and to prevent danger or harm to yourself, other drivers and pedestrians.

Last but not least, safety. Our instructors are qualified because of the proper examinations they have conducted and training they have undertaken, which is more extensive than just being a driver on the road. Our instructors will help you re-learn methods and provide practical advice which will keep you and everyone around safe, not just help you accelerate a car from point A to B.

If you’re looking to take refresher driving lessons in East London, we welcome a conversation with one of our dedicated instructors to see if it’s the best form of driving lesson for you.

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